Since 1980, the Restaurant Chez Ali of Marrakech offers each evening to its guests a folklore show mixing traditional songs and dances, fantasia and equestrian acrobatics. In a setting worthy of the tales of the Arabian Nights, between imperial palace and tents caidale Chez Ali Marrakech offers a traditional dinner. Bewitched by the legendary Moroccan folklore, you will eat, listen and watch an entertainment restoring the ancestral Berber celebrations.

This unique and captivating performance takes place in a typical arena of powder games: The fantasia. The Restaurant Chez Ali Marrakech has reconstituted in the purest tradition this practice. Riders in baroude, weapons and traditional costumes charge as at the time of the battles and demonstrations of strength. It is the mastery and knowledge of ancestral art and a passion for horses. Acrobats as for them ignite the crowds with singular feats and the nobility of their mounts. Chez Ali also presents each evening the various traditional Berber cults.

Magic! Magnificent! Memorable! the restaurant Chez Ali Marrakech is all this at a time. Over the years, the reputation of the show has spread throughout the world and is now a must-see attraction during your stay in Marrakech. Dancers, musicians, acrobats, riders, magicians, all live to the rhythm of their passions.